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5 Productivity Hacks for the Remote Worker

Justin Peck - Remote Work
In the modern age, the ability to work remotely has become more than just a luxury—it's now a fundamental component of many professions.

While remote work has its advantages, such as flexibility and the elimination of commute times, it also brings challenges. How do you keep yourself motivated when the comforts of home beckon? How do you draw the line between “work time” and “personal time”? Today, we will tackle these issues head-on and explore five productivity hacks that can make your remote work experience as effective and enjoyable as possible.

Hack #1: Designate a Specific Workspace

Why It Matters: One of the major pitfalls of remote work is the blurring of boundaries between personal and professional spaces.

How to Implement: Choose a specific area in your home that is comfortable and free from distractions to serve as your “office.” Keep this space clean, organized, and stocked with all the office supplies you might need.

For myself it is an extra bedroom that I call my office with a door I can shut to indicate to the family that I am working. For some people this might be a small table in the corner of their room, tucked away just enough.

Hack #2: Time Blocking

Why It Matters: Work-life balance can be difficult to achieve when your home is also your office. Time blocking can ensure that you’re not always “on the clock.”

How to Implement: Use a calendar app or even a good old-fashioned planner to block out specific times of the day for work, breaks, and personal time. Stick to these blocks as closely as possible to build a routine.

This coupled with the additional communication apps like Slack and Teams are really helpful to indicate your status as busy or away. 

Hack #3: The Pomodoro Technique

Why It Matters: Long hours of uninterrupted work can lead to burnout and decreased productivity.

How to Implement: The Pomodoro Technique involves working in bursts of focused time (usually 25 minutes), followed by a short break (5 minutes). After completing four cycles, take a longer break. This method helps maintain high levels of focus while also giving you time to rest and recharge.

If your workplace utilizes Microsoft 365, the Focus time is a real life-saver when it comes to Pomodoro.

Hack #4: Prioritize Tasks with the Eisenhower Matrix

Why It Matters: Not all tasks are created equal. Knowing how to prioritize can mean the difference between a productive day and a stressful one.

How to Implement: Divide your tasks into four categories based on their urgency and importance. The Eisenhower Matrix can be a helpful tool for this. Focus first on tasks that are both urgent and important, then move to tasks that are important but not urgent.

If you set up your Outlook using the Get Things Done (GTD) method, you can easily sort our your priorities for the day. 

MrJPeck - Eisenhower Matrix

Hack #5: Utilize Technology Wisely

Why It Matters: While technology can be a distraction, it can also be a powerful tool for remote work when used effectively.

How to Implement: Make use of productivity apps like Asana or Planner for project management or Calendar for tracking your daily activities. Leverage cloud storage solutions for easy access to files, and use communication tools like Slack or Teams to stay in touch with your team.

Beware the rabbit whole of trying to use all the best tools, just start with one or two and actually use it. 


Remote work comes with its set of challenges, but with the right strategies, you can maximize productivity while enjoying the perks of a flexible work environment. Implement these five productivity hacks and set yourself up for success in the world of remote work. Most importantly, it will help you keep your sanity. 

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