Welcome to MrJPeck.

This blog is intended to be a place for myself and others to examine what it takes and what it really means to be successful. My name is Justin Peck and I am the creator of this space. MrJpeck is clearly a piece of work that is personal. But this doesn’t mean that the insight and value I gain from perusing success in my own life can’t be shared with all of those who seek it. Success, mindset, and motivation is what I aim to imbue upon you through shared experience and education.

Who Am I to lead such an expedition into the realm of personal growth? Maybe a look into my background will better equip us to embark on said journey.

I grew up in Southern California, the Inland Empire to be exact. My family was of your typical American Dream template. There were three boys of whom I was the oldest, and our older sister… and a dog. Mom was the stay at home parent who managed the household, and taught us how to keep the house clean, cook, and how to behave. My father was a hard-working delivery truck driver, he would typically leave for work before we woke up, and would get home well after our homework was done. We had a lot of fun and good times growing up. We would take long drives through the desert and up the coast; The grandparents’ house was often a weekly destination. But my dad struggled. Yes, he taught me to work hard, but I watched him day in and day out leaning over bills and a check book trying to figure out how to pay the next bill. As I got older, I could see the stress and the exhaustion just behind his eyes. He was always so proud of us, but I could tell that he feared we would end up living the same “American Dream” as him. My dad always told me to learn to “work smarter and not harder”; He taught me to learn by observation. I did, my dad was actually a great entrepreneur and mentor… But he was a terrible businessman. He was always trying to create a second income with no effect. Lack of training, mentorship, or access to information are some of the many reasons that kept him down. But he never stopped trying, his mindset kept him going, and no matter what cards he was dealt he always tried to push trough and find a way out. When he passed away, you could almost sense the relief that the struggle was over. But I listened, I watched, I learned. He had the keys to success, he just didn’t know which door to open; he kept trying and with each failure he was getting closer to the right one.

That need to break out of the cycle that my dad was entrenched, pushed me to go to college right after high school to purse music which I was not ready for. Maturity was a factor, and a lack of understanding of an academic work ethic in the doom loop which was my early college years. As stated in an article in the Colton Currier newspaper, which my mother was interviewed, she felt I had already joined the military at a young age. When 9/11 came I got my chance. Seeing the invasion of Iraq on TV after another day of spinning my wheels in school, I went to the local recruiter and joined up. It was my firsts step towards taking action for myself and for others; I was a Combat Medic. The Army was everything I dreamt it to be, the good and the ugly. My first Tour to Iraq was in 2005, where I was tested beyond my limits, and where I hopefully earned the respect of the troops I watched over. That was a tough year, we lost a lot of good men. But I learned so much by watching great leaders excel at the worst of times. I deployed again to Iraq in 2007 trailing a bit into 2008. I began to get antsy. I wanted more. I had ideas of going to Med school or becoming a PA. I loved helping people and I saw an opportunity to grab for the stars with my new-found skills and my newly lit passion for serving others.

After leaving the Army, I spent my time working as a Proton Therapy Assistant while I was attending School. I studied Bio-Technology prepping for the PA program, then I transferred schools and when Bio-Physics and Premed. But my GI bill was running out and I was losing my passion for medicine, But the drive to help people and improve myself still turned within. So I made one final switch, and I graduated with my degree in Business Management. This was great, I could focus on Human Resources where I was there to help people… Just not with their healthcare, but in their careers. Shortly after working in HR I went back to school to get my MBA in Strategic Human Resources Management. I love what I do, but the disheartening thing is… people come to me time and time again asking for advice. People are stuck, they find them selves in places in their lives where the feel they haven’t reached their full potential. We all do. My current career is great, but I am still sitting on a massive student loan debt. That entrepreneurial fire that was passed down from my father is burning bright, and I have much more to give to the world. I am often asked how do I do everything that I do in a given day… I’m just motivated.

I would like to take you on a journey to finding what is success to each and every one of our lives; answer those questions of how I frame my mindset, and how to stay motivated. Join with me as we explore words for success, and find ways to make a difference in the world around us.