My Kayaking Adventure Begins – MrJPeck paddles Newport Beach, California Back Bay

MrJPeck Kayaking Newport Beach

Beginning a new adventure by taking on Kayaking.

Kayaking has been great!

MrJPeck Kayaking Newport Beach

Work, Life, Things have been crazy lately, It has been nice to get out on the water and relax. I have finally taken on a long time dream of learning to Sea Kayak, and I am now working on making kayaking a reality. For so long I have wanted to have that freeing feeling like you get on a motorcycle, but on the water. There are many reasons for being out here. Health, and relaxation are big reasons. I sit a lot at work, and a kayak gives you a great workout. My mind has been cluttered more and more lately, and being out on the water can be so relaxing.

MrJPeck Kayaking Newport Beach

The goals I set for myself in 2018, which I outlined in an earlier post, Leveling up my Goals, were the main focus of the year. I am working on zeroing in on my brand. My time on the water thus far, has brought clarity to that subject and I am now taking steps to reworking who I am in my own eyes. I no longer want to just be a sedentary example for my children. I want to teach them how to unplug from technology and get out there and enjoy this beautiful planet. Sea kayaking will afford me great opportunities that I’ve never had before. There are islands and coast-lines that I have never seen, in my own backyard. My love of hiking can be expanded on more, because the camping gear can be used in a pack as well as in a kayak.

MrJPeck Kayaking Newport Beach

This new journey has been fun so far, and I have only just started. I look forward to sharing my experiences with all of you. I have some modifications to my old kayak to make. She is an Aquaterra Chinook, a good kayak but it is missing some essential pieces of gear. So good adventures and more posts to come.

What would you like to see or know about kayaking? Comment below…


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  1. liamrees221

    July 22, 2018 at 11:36 pm

    Great post, I love Kayaking.

    • Justin

      July 25, 2018 at 10:31 pm

      Thank you, it has been great!

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