My Motivation to Reshape My Body

This past weekend I attended my US Coast Guard Auxiliary Change of Watch ceremony. It was great to meet members of our division that I had not met before. I was officially sworn into the Auxiliary and took the oath. Listening to the stories of good deeds performed over the last year, I had many thoughts running through my head.

From first had account of being on the water with these unsung patriots, these Puddle pirates, I am so proud to serve along side them. My limited time last year on the water proved to be hard work, grueling work at times but it was worth every second.  These volunteer’s passion, skill, and expertise rival that of some seasoned active duty members.

As someone who I consider a mentor in the Aux puts it, “You couldn’t pay me enough to do this job… So, I do it for free”. This level of dedication rings true. In all my years in the Army, I never thought about what I physically brought to the table because technology always was there to supplement. But being on the water and seeing that what we do really matters and people’s lives are sometimes in our hands; I need to really look at what I bring to the table: physically.

If I really want to add value to the organization and to the people we protect, I need to be operating at peak efficiency… I need my warrior body back.

So, I have decided to recondition my body. I need to lose weight, gain strength, and build endurance. I will do what it takes to get fighting fit again.

The strategies, recipes, supplements and methods I use to do this I will share with all of you. If I can change my health and wellness and help others while doing it then I will have started off this journey on the right foot.

Time to jump in head first….I will post the details as they come.

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