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I lay in bed at night thinking. Thoughts of how to become better tomorrow. But as the days tick by, no change. I was thinking about my elevator pitch yesterday, and I didn’t have a good one. I enjoy doing many things all at once, and never to their fullest potential. But they all have a common thread: I help people. Now that is comforting, but is it though? I think I help, but in all honesty I am like a bull who sees red and charges. I get an idea or a path to better a situation and I go for it. Split second decisions are second nature, and I spew out advice like the aftermath of a ride on a tilt-a-whirl. My thoughts are that I leave people reaching out as I blow by. How can I help if I don’t focus. This reminds me of a comment a professor once said to me, “Rabbis tell stories and never give straight answers”. My way is not always the right way, but I have learned that stories around words and symbols can teach volumes. So what do I do for a livening, I help people. So sit back and listen, I think we might learn something along the way.

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