Time to Level Up In 2018

MrJPeck Goals 2018

Looking back at 2017, I think I did alright. Last year I set three main goals to accomplish: MBA, publish a book, and be a part of another short film. I nailed one, my MBA. Finishing my MBA took much effort and time, but now I am left with more than enough time to be productive. I am starting off the year with some outlined books and a rough sketch of a short film script. In the second half of last year I had a flame lit within me where I can now forge my passions into results. 2018 will be my most ambitious year yet. I look forward to the challenge, and I look forward to sharing my journey and results with everyone. Here are my goals for 2018.

Goals for 2018:

1.      Improve my overall mental and physical health

2.      Redefine recruiting practices at work

3.      Build personal brand MrJPeck.com (Website, Facebook, Youtube, etc.)

4.      Open an online store

5.      Lock in investments that will bolster my wealth

6.      Finish book, and get it published

7.      Create a short film

What are some of the goals you have for 2018?

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